№1 (73)



Botai-Tersek historical and cultural community: general characteristics

Abilmalikov, К.К., Serzhan, Sh., Kurmaniyazov, Y.S. 

Concept «Love» in the novel «Makhabbat, kyzyk mol zhyldar» by A. Nurshaihov

Bekbosynova, A.Kh., Aldabergenova, Zh. Zh.

The origin and development of languages and their mutual effects

Bezaubekova, A.D., Amirgalieva, Y.S., Kayyrgali, D.A.

Grouping of languages by origin, relationship (genealogical)

Bezaubekova, A.D., Atygai, Sh.S., Shakhmetova, M.A.

The specifics of the use of proverbs and sayings in Gabit Musrepov's novel «Ulpan»

Bekbosynova, A. Kh.., Ismagambetova Zh.B. 

The concept of «War» in Muratbekov's works

Bekbosynova, A.Kh., Kuanyshbaeva, G.Sh. T

Specificity of the use of proverbs in B. Sokpakbaev’s novel «The dead do not return»

Bekbosynova, A.Kh., Omarova D.K.

The concept of «War» in Таkhaui Аkhtanov’s novel «Kakharly kunder»

Yessіrкеpова, К.K., Artykbay, I.B., Akramova, M.Zh.

The concept «Kazakh image» in Musirepov’s novel «Ulpan»

Yessіrкеpова, К.K., Yelepay, A.A., Ukenova, T.M. 

About onomastic names in kazakh oratorical words

Kozhanuly, М.

. Fine pieces of work of a beautiful soul

Ospanuly, S., Myrzagaliyeva, K.


The role of the student's independent work in the process of studying at the university

Abdulin J.K, Tastanov M.G.

Improving professional competence within the framework of the use of the «case-study» method in chemistry lessons in secondary schools

Zhakyp А.А., Kabden K.Zh., Nurmukhanbetova N.N., Sergazina S.M., Ostretsova I.B.

Methods of using electronic educational resources

Zhappasova K.A., Tastanov M.G. 

Directions of development of teaching methods and a practical approach to teaching a physics lesson

Kazieva G.N., Tastanov M.G.

The role of innovative methods in attracting students to research activities in teaching «Nuclear physics» in secondary school 

Ormanova G.K., Oraz A. D.


Organization of student research activities through the stem education system

Yesionova, A.N.

 Use of quest technology to explore the urban environment

Zhigalova, N., Tsyganova, A.Y.

Difference of effective use of criteria-based systems of geography knowledge assessment

Kalkashev, S.G., Abdimanapov, B.Sh., Ayapbekova, A.Y., Nurkhanov, M.A., Godeeva, Z.I.

Frequency rate of occupational injuries and occupational injury insurance system in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Koval, A., Bayandin, М.A.