Chief Editor

Kuanyshbaev S.B.

Kuanyshbaev S.B. – Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Baitursynov University, Kazakhstan.


Vice Chief Editor

Zharlygasov Zh.B.

Zharlygasov Zh.B.  – Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Baitursynov University, Kazakhstan.



Бережнова Е.В.

Berezhnova Е.V. – a reviewer of "KMPI Zharshysy", doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor of MSIIR (Russia). Author of over 60 scientific publications and 8 educational programs.


Жаксыликова, К.Б. Zhaksylykova К.B. – doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor of the Kazakh National Research University named after K. Satpayev. Author of over 170 scientific papers and articles, including 2 monographs, 3 textbooks and more than 60 training manuals and programs, actively used in educational process of higher educational institutions of the republic.


Editorial Board

Амирова Б.А.

Amirova B.А. – Doctor of psychological sciences, Professor of KarSU named after E.A. Buketov, author of over 100 scientific publications, including 5 electronic textbooks on ethnic psychology and psychology terminology.


Благоразумная О.Н.Blagorazumnaya О.N., candidate of economic sciences, associate professor International University of Moldova. Author of over 100 scientific articles and manuals, training programs for various courses (10 subjects in the field of management, entrepreneurship, financial accounting), business games to enhance the learning process.


Evelyn DomanDoman E.  doctor in applied linguistics (with a concentration in the acquisition of the second language), Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. She taught ESL and EFL (English as a Second Language) for the past 20 years at various universities in Korea, Japan, USA and Macau. Her research interests include the autonomy of the trainees, the theory of adaptability, the impact of teacher beliefs on learners, online integrated learning a foreign language.


Елагина В.С.Elagina V.S. – doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, ChSPU, Russia. Author of 165 scientific publications, including 9 monographs, 3 - teaching aids, 40 scietific and methodical tutorials, training programs and more than 100 scientific articles.


Жилбаев Ж.О.Zhilbaev Zh.О. – Ph.D., associate professor, president of the National Academy of Education named Altynsarin. Author of scientific publications on the environment and the economy, national projects for greening, mainstreaming environmental issues in education.


Кайе ЖCaillet J. – PhD, Philology and didactics, Professor Via Domitia University of Perpignan, France. Specificity of work of the scientist, includes topics such as: "The organization and conduct of the debate", "Specificity of work with authentic material: video, newspaper articles," "The use of video in the classroom of a foreign language" and others.


Катцнер Т.Kattsner Т. – PhD doctor, Professor of West Virginia University, USA. Author of more than 50 scientific publications, explores the life of birds of prey, including joint projects with researchers of Kostanay state pedagogical institute.


Кульгильдинова Т.А.Kulgildinova Т.А. – doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor of KazUIRIL named after Abylai-khan. Author of publications on pedagogy and linguistics, test tasks and manuals for senior pupils and students, teachers and tutors.


Марилена СантанаMarilene Santana dos Santos Garcia, Doctor in Applied Linguistics (German and Portuguese), Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, a research center of Attention. Author of textbooks for German as a foreign language. The range of scientific interests include the study of mechanisms of children's speech, children's books and their coherence with the reader, the study of the German language problems.


Монова-Желева М.Monova-Zheleva М., PhD, professor of Burgass Free University, Bulgaria. Author of over 100 scientific publications, including 3 monographs, head of 6 subject studios.


Чаба ТолгизиCsaba Tölgyesi – scientific employee, Department of Ecology, University of Szeged, Hungary. In his scientific publications he examines environmental problems, conservation of landscape biodiversity.